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We can help with:

  • Sports injuries - Sports specific rehab and training advice

  • Ligament injuries

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Muscle tears

  • Sprains and strains

  • Tennis elbow

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Effective sports injury treatments in Bourne

Have you suffered a sport related injury and you're looking for a physiotherapist to help? Contact Swallow Hill Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic for a comprehensive range of treatments to help relieve a wide variety of sports injuries. We are also recognised by all leading medical insurers.


We can also provide you with customised exercise plans and accident recovery programs for a phased return to sport. Contact us today! We are based in Bourne.

Treatments for a wide range of conditions

At Swallow Hill Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic, we treat a variety of conditions using a wide range of treatments including the more traditional manual therapy, electro-therapy, using exercise programs, muscle imbalance and core stability programs.

Highly experienced physiotherapist

Our physiotherapist has over 20 years of experience in treating people with sports injuries. We can help you get back in the game, feeling fit and ready to play again.

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“In the years that I was a national rowing coach I met many sports physiotherapists several of whom treated some of the GB athletes I was connected with; Maria is, in my opinion, as good as any of them… and I have no reservations in recommending her to you.”

“I would like to thank you for overseeing my physiotherapy; and the overall advice and help you have given me during my recuperation period. I feel I have greatly benefitted from the individual attention and care you have been able to give me… I really do feel that without your valuable input, I would not be at the stage I am today!”