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Quick and safe recovery

From acute sports injuries to chronic backache we offer high quality physiotherapy to help you recover as quickly as possible with long lasting effects.


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Qualified physiotherapist in Bourne

At Swallow Hill Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic, our treatment starts with a detailed initial assessment to determine the cause of injury and diagnosis. This will include discussing your medical history, daily routine, hobbies and past times.

We can treat:

  • Back and Neck pain - Sciatica, whiplash

  • Joint pain - Arthritic conditions

  • Full spectrum of sports activities

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation

  • Muscular-skeletal problems

  • And more

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“I am writing to thank you for all the assistance and support that you provided to Mum over the last 9 months, Mum was very low when you first met her, but was determined to walk again. She would not have achieved this if it was not for your patience, kindness and professionalism. I know that she looked forward to your visits very much and always spoke very highly of you. Thank you!”